Determining Where You Want to Live

  • If you are working with a real estate professional, he or she will listen to your needs and consider your price range to help you determine which homes in which neighborhoods are best for your family.
  • If you are not working with a real estate professional, be sure to:
    • Carefully consider the size of the home to ensure you won’t outgrow it in the near future.
    • If your family is growing rapidly or your space needs will increase dramatically in the near future, be sure to consider homes with basements and/or unfinished rooms.
    • Be sure that the neighborhood matches your current and near future lifestyle requirements.
    • Experience the commute to help you eliminate some of the neighborhoods under initial consideration.
  • If you are looking on your own first, consider your price range (our Financing a Home section will help you estimate these costs) then look at the neighborhoods in that range.

Jeff’s Note: Don’t buy more house than you need and justify it as an investment. It’s much wiser to match the home to your needs and diversify your investments in other sectors as well.