Staging Your Home

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home staging“Staging” is the process of preparing a home to highlight its strengths and minimize any weak areas. A professional real estate agent will offer tips for your particular home. Listen to what your agent says. Agents know what buyers want.

You may live in your house one way, but you may have to sell your house another way. Staging helps you create an environment in your home that appeals to the largest number of buyers. The goal is to “depersonalize” so potential buyers find the home attractive and inviting. Staging makes it easy for buyers to imagine living happily under your roof.

Here are a few basic staging items you can do on any home:

General Ongoing Staging Tips

  • Use natural air fresheners or potpourri in bathrooms – heavy and artificial smells will not “show” well
  • Don’t smoke indoors
  • Keep the yard mowed, trimmed and edged
  • Don’t fry foods or cook foods with strong or lingering odors
  • Remove children’s toys in the living areas (keep them in the bedrooms)
  • Arrange your furniture to “open up” rooms – remove unessential pieces if necessary
  • Keep fresh flowers (select those without a strong smell) and/or potted plants in the home

Immediately Before the Showing

  • Open curtains in all rooms with a nice view and let the sun shine in
  • Close curtains in rooms with less-than-desirable views
  • Play non-offensive (non vocal) “mood” music lightly in the background
  • If you are using a real estate agent, you should not be in the house when the showing occurs
  • If you have any pets, the pets and all evidence of pets should be removed from the home
  • Make sure all lights are on (dark spaces are not inviting and light creates the impression of space)
  • Bake a loaf of bread (use a bread machine to time it so it can’t be forgotten and burn)
  • Make sure the doors to all rooms are open and inviting
  • Make sure dishes are clean and put away and that dish drains are not on the counter
  • Ensure all personal items are put away
  • Toilet seat should be down and the shower curtain should be closed
  • Make sure all surfaces are dusted and all floors are clean
  • Sweep entry area and any steps and clean the welcome mat

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