Safety Considerations When Showing Your Own Home

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While incidents may be rare, there are safety considerations you should consider when showing your home. Real estate agents are accustomed to showing homes and know what precautions to take. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Get pre-qualifying information from anyone coming to see the house BEFORE they arrive.
  • At a minimum you should know their name, address, phone number, drivers license number and the type of car they drive. Should anything happen, this information will help police identify the visitor. Keep these records until after the house is sold.
  • Set up a time to confirm your appointment and call the phone number they provide well before their arrival to be sure it’s a valid number.
  • Never show your home alone. If you are planning to show the house, be sure another adult is onsite and visible during the showing.
  • If you own a cell phone, keep it with you when you show your house. If you don’t own one, borrow one.
  • Before a prospect arrives, check all windows and doors to be sure they are secured. Some would-be burglars pose as prospects to create an easy means to access your property later. As soon as a prospect leaves re-check all windows and doors. If any have been opened or unlocked, you may want to report it to your local police.
  • Follow your instincts. If someone makes you uncomfortable, refuse them entry, cut the showing short, or ask them to leave.

If you would like more information on safety when showing your home, contact the AlphaHomes team.