When being green cost you green

Posted by Jeff Aughey on Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at 11:21pm.

If you are selling your home follow this simple tip to help your home show its best. Do not use compact florescent light bulbs anywhere in your home. The problem with a compact florescent bulb is that it does not reach full brightness until it has been on for a short while. So when a buyer steps into a room and flips on the lights everything is initially dark and dull. By the time the bulb is starting to get bright enough the buyer has already moved on to the next room and is left with a bad impression. A bright home is more inviting and cheerful and more importantly will sell for a higher price. Do not underestimate the negative effect a dark room has on a buyer. The current market is challenging and you can't afford to let a sale get away because you were saving a few dollars on electricity. Always use standard bulbs with the highest wattage that a fixture will allow. Happy selling! Jeff

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