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Alpharetta Arts Streetfest Exhibit by Howard Williams
I attended the Alpharetta Arts Streetfest this year (April 21-22, 2007) and I must admit that the local photographers -- and those from across the US -- were a personal highlight of the event. As a photobug myself, I really enjoyed seeing the work of others showcased. My favorite photographer at the event was a local artist, Howard Williams. (Howard Williams Photography in Alpharetta Georgia) One of my favorites in his display used a black an white approach and added a colorized portion (a barn). It was a huge print with great impact. My second favorite display -- a close second -- was the work of local artist Robert Jones (Robert Jones Photography in Alpharetta Georgia). Jones specialized in black and white photography and had several examples…
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Kimbell Bridge and Buice Roads DedicationFollowing the critical injury of Chris Land, in October 2005 while riding his motorcycle at the intersection of Kimball Bridge and Buice Roads, the local community joined forces to make this intersection safer. On February 23 the efforts of the community were rewarded when the Fulton County Government, in conjunction with the Cities of Alpharetta and Johns Creek, held a dedication to commemorate the improved intersection. The intersection has now been widened, sidewalks have been added and a stoplight has been installed to improve safety. Chris Land and his family were in attendance along with friends, extended family and neighbors. Also in attendance were speakers:
  • Mayor of Alpharetta, Arthur Letchas
  • Mayor of Johns Creek, Mike Botker
  • Fulton
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It is time for a quick road project update. The new intersection improvements at Jones Bridge Road/Abbotts Bridge Road and at Jones Bridge Road/State Bridge Road are really working well so far. Both intersections feel much safer with the increased visibility and the changes appear to have helped traffic flow considerably. There are a few clean up items that they are still working on but the job is 98% complete. In the near future they will be resetting the timing of the light to optimize the traffic flow. I want to thank Dick Freeman who is Chair of the Pinewalk Zoning/Safety Committee & Member of the Kimball Bridge Coalition for the next bit of information. Two lights are being installed now at the Buice Road/Kimball Bridge Road intersection. They will…
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The Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Harold Linnenkohl, Fulton County Chair Karen Handel and State Representative Mark Burkhalter of Alpharetta announced the opening of the Jones Bridge Road and Abbotts Bridge Road intersection October 20, 2006. The contractor, C.W. Matthews, worked hard to finish well before the revised schedule of June 30, 2007. During the next few days before the traffic control and equipment are removed, workers will install the permanent striping, activate the turn arrows and time the traffic signals. Motorists are urged to use caution as they become accustomed to the new traffic movements. While drivers will have full use of the intersection, there will still be minor work left as the contractor completes the final…
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