Jones Bridge Road and Abbotts Bridge Road Construction Update

Posted by Jeff Aughey on Monday, January 8th, 2007 at 9:26am.

It is time for a quick road project update. The new intersection improvements at Jones Bridge Road/Abbotts Bridge Road and at Jones Bridge Road/State Bridge Road are really working well so far. Both intersections feel much safer with the increased visibility and the changes appear to have helped traffic flow considerably. There are a few clean up items that they are still working on but the job is 98% complete. In the near future they will be resetting the timing of the light to optimize the traffic flow. I want to thank Dick Freeman who is Chair of the Pinewalk Zoning/Safety Committee & Member of the Kimball Bridge Coalition for the next bit of information. Two lights are being installed now at the Buice Road/Kimball Bridge Road intersection. They will be operational in about two weeks. It is expected that they will initially be turned on as flashing yellow to allow drivers to get accustomed to the new location and then switched to normal operating mode soon after. Final stripping is scheduled over the next week or so as well. I want to personally thank Dick Freeman for all of the effort he has invested in getting this important project turned into reality. This was a critical safety improvement to Alpharetta’s roads. All the best, Jeff

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