Is Now A Good Time To Sell My House in Georgia?

Posted by Jeff Aughey on Monday, May 13th, 2013 at 2:01pm.

[caption id="attachment_1222" align="aligncenter" width="461"]Barret Downs Subdivision 2045 Thorncliff Trace Cumming GA 30040 Barrett Downs Subdivision
2045 Thorncliff Trace
Cumming GA 30040
(Click Image for More Information) [/caption] Last week, I got an up-close and personal look at how the market is exploding for sellers. I listed a house for sale late in the afternoon on Wednesday (you can see a photo of it in my blog for last week). Before the evening was over, I had two blind offers -- before the house was physically shown to anyone. Three more offers surfaced within hours. The house was sold, with a signed contract in hand, less than 24 hours after it was listed. Over the course of two days, I had over 40 phone calls from agents seeking homes for their clients and more calls from individuals looking for a new house for themselves. Right now, there is enough buyer interest and activity to drive up your sales price and to get your house sold quickly. In the 25 years that I have been in the Real Estate industry, I've never seen this kind of "fevered" buying activity locally. I've heard of it in Florida, in Las Vegas, and in Silicon Valley, but we have never seen this kind of market here in the North Fulton and South Forsyth Counties and the surrounding Georgia landscape. This isn't happening in all areas, but it is happening in abundance for those areas served by the better school systems. The interest rates are still great and the appreciation in real estate values is being realized for the first time in several years. Locations with proximity to conveniences are always nice, so the subdivision properties are particularly popular right now. So, if you are wondering if it's time to sell, the answer is YES. If you have a home in a good area, served by excellent schools (Alpharetta High School, Milton High School, Cambridge High School, Chattahoochee High School, Johns Creek High School, Northview High School, Lambert High School, South Forsyth High School, and all the feeder schools that lead into them) call me, I have eager buyers! We can probably get your house listed, staged, and sold in a matter of days or weeks.  Right now, sellers should not be waiting for months to sell their house. I can show you how to make it happen.

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