Home Office More Desirable Than Dining Room?

Posted by Jeff Aughey on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 at 12:28pm.

Home buyers prefer home offices to dining roomsIn today's housing market, there are fewer people using a formal dining room and more people demanding a home office or home theatre in their "dream home." This is especially true if your kitchen has a breakfast nook, kitchen bar or is big enough to add a kitchen table. Gen Y buyers (those born from the late 1970s to early 2000s)  are just now coming of age and many are buying their first houses. These buyers, in particular, deem technology and entertainment a priority in their homes. Many of these buyers spend more of their disposable income on eating out and fewer of them cook at home. If you have a traditional house and you want to update it for showing, you may be able to accomplish that goal with a little creative staging.

Dining Room

Even if your dining room is just off the kitchen, you may want to change its use through staging. Consider staging it as a personal media room or even a bedroom -- depending on the size the privacy and the layout. If it is extremely small, consider remaking it into a home office. If it is extremely large, consider turning it into it as a family room and converting the current living room/family room into a home theatre.


Families are smaller and singles and couples are more likely to buy a house than they were ten or twenty years ago. They may not need or want your four bedroom house, but may be excited by a  two bedroom home with two home offices.


Finished, but empty large spaces would work well for a home theatre set-up or even a game room. Give your potential buyer a suggestion on how to use the space through creative staging.

Electrical/Cat 5 Wires

Although most techies are now using wireless computer components, the "home office" or the "home theatre" are two rooms that still need Cat5 wiring for efficient use of high-speed Internet connections. You may want to consider installing networking wiring or having it installed. Security cameras are also more popular now than they were a few years ago -- even for modestly priced houses. The cost of these systems has really dropped (especially for those systems tied into local servers inside the house). Plugs are a premium asset and most techies will notice when there aren't enough plugs (can there EVER be too many?!?!) Be sure your house has an appropriate number of plugs if you can afford the expense of rewiring. When preparing to sell your home, consider the type of buyer your house is most likely to attract and stage it to appeal to those buyers. Consider the price of your home and the ways you can appeal to the people who are buying in your area. Then, stage accordingly!

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