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Seller's Housing Market in Alpharetta GeorgiaHomeowners, let me ask you a few questions...
  • Over the past few years have you wished you could take advantage of the low interest rates to make a move to a larger home for an ever growing family?
  • Have you wanted to downsize since the kids have been gone for a few years but you have not been able to sell since you have been upside down with your mortgage?
  • Have you been afraid to put your house up for sale because you have heard it's a buyer's market and houses just "sit" there?
It was challenging to try to sell a home from 2008 to 2011.  The market for the seller has dramatically improved. It improved quite a bit in 2012, but it is red hot right now! I started as a Realtor in the Atlanta real estate market back in 1988 and I can tell you this…
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Multiple offers

From 2008-2011, Alpharetta and Johns Creek Georgia experienced an upsurge in power for real estate buyers. Sellers found themselves with little power to negotiate and foreclosures were not uncommon. About a year ago, in March of 2012, that market environment slowly started to change. It began in the lower price ranges and was most notable in the foreclosure market. Real estate investors started making multiple offers on properties priced at or below value to take advantage of the housing slump and the excellent interest rates.

Now, a year later, the occurrence of multiple offers on houses has blanketed the area. If you were waiting to sell, concerned about the equity situation on your home, or if you were discouraged with the reduced number of buyers…
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FAFSA information for Alpharetta Georgia High Schools and North Fulton County High Schools


Until recently, it was difficult to determine how many seniors applied for and completed their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Since this is an important step for many college-bound seniors, having access to the data can reflect the number of graduates who apply for college.

If you would like to learn more about how many students in the Alpharetta High School, Roswell High School, and other North Fulton County high schools have completed their FAFSA forms, you can find this information by going to the Department of Education's FAFSA Completion Website and downloading the spreadsheet for Georgia.

The figures are updated every two weeks.

Please note: Since the schoolnames are reported by the students, there are some

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If you are preparing to put your house on the market these days, you can't afford to overlook the details. The market is flooded with options for any qualified buyer -- you need to ensure that YOUR house is the most attractive option at the best possible price. Your Real Estate Agent will assist you with pricing. Only he/she knows the pricing criteria for houses similar to yours, in your area, that are receiving bids.

As far as the other things you can do, decluttering and ororganizing always improves home sales. Once that's complete, you will need to get down to the nitty-gritty of ensuring the best possible first impression.

Clean, Clean, Clean... then Clean Some More

Cleaning is one of those things that you don't notice if it's done, but you…
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Even in today's sluggish market there are some things you can do NOW to help your home sell while the others in your neighborhood or city sit stagnant. The trick is to make YOUR house show better than the others flooding the market. You can even sell your house in a market overwhelmed with foreclosure "deals" by making it speak, in a personal way, to the potential buyer. Below are some great tips to get you started.

Exteriors: First Impressions

Make sure that the first glimpse of your house is a flattering one. From the street to the threshold, everything needs to be properly maintained. While the yards of other "for sale" homes might look o.k., yours should look perfect. If you don't have the time or energy to do these tasks yourself, hire in a lawn…
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I am frequently asked, "When is our Alpharetta and Johns Creek real estate market going to get better?"  There is no concrete answer, but one trend we need to see is an increase in home prices so that the number of underwater mortgages is reduced. Why is this so critical?  Many current homeowners would love to take advantage of the great home values available today and move up to a more expensive home while interest rates are still low. But, with the value of their own home down, they can't make that move. The current high level of underwater mortgages is a key factor that keeps the Atlanta real estate market mired in sluggishness. (An "underwater mortgage" means that the amount of the outstanding loan is greater than the value of the…
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2009-10 School Year Fulton County Georgia First Semester

  • Aug. 10 - First Day of School
  • Sept. 7 - Labor Day Holiday
  • Sept. 16 - Early Release (Half Day for Students)
  • Oct. 9 - Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)
  • Oct. 14 - Early Release (Half Day for Students)
  • Nov. 18 - Early Release (Half Day for Students)
  • Nov. 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Dec. 18 - End of First Semester

Second Semester

  • Jan. 5 - First Day of Second Semester
  • Jan. 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • Feb. 12 - School Closed (Student/Teacher Holiday)
  • Feb. 15 - Presidents Day Holiday
  • Feb. 24 - Early Release (Half Day for Students)
  • March 12 - Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)
  • Teacher Workday (students off)
  • March 24 - Early Release (Half

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The Alpharetta and Johns Creek Area 2009-2010 school zone maps have now been released by the Fulton County Board of Education. You can view the district maps in PDF format for North Fulton County High Schools, the maps for the North Fulton County Middle Schools and the maps for the Alpharetta and Johns Creek Area Elementary Schools here on Individual maps for every elementary school, middle school and high school in the North Fulton County area are also available. School starts on August 10th this year. Student holidays for the first semester fall on September 1st (Labor Day), November 4th (Election Day), November 26-28 (Thanksgiving Holiday) and December 22-January 2 (Winter Holiday). Teacher Workdays (when students are out of school)…
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There are several updates for the local school system as the new year begins. Among them are new principals and construction projects. New School Principals
  • Elyse Halverson Arnett at Barnwell Elementary School
  • Ronald “Tracy” Trussell at Birmingham Falls Elementary School
  • George Freiberger at Crabapple Crossing Elementary School
  • Matt Rogers at Creek View Elementary School
  • Buck Greene at Johns Creek High School
  • Pam Spalla at Northview High School
School Construction Projects There is a new 320,855-square-foot high school (Johns Creek High School) with over 90 classrooms and an enrollment capacity of 1900 on State Bridge Road. [caption id="attachment_608" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Johns Creek High School, Johns Creek…
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