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Alpharetta home sales trends 2017

I often get asked how the market is doing in the Alpharetta and Johns Creek area.  Well I can tell you it is very strong if you are a seller and recent buyers have been happy as prices continue to move up.  Since I love numbers (math and engineering nerd I must admit) I have been crunching through the data and want to point out a few observations.

The closing price to listing price ratio was 98.9% for all sales under $500K in Alpharetta for the 1st six months of this year.  That means a $300K home would have sold for $296,700 on average.  Also it is interesting to take note that each successive year since 2013 the ratio has gotten stronger for the seller.

Next I looked at the monthly inventory of homes available priced under $500k.  It has

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South Forsyth County School District MapBased on requests by real estate buying clients seeking top schools in the North Fulton and South Forsyth areas, homes in the Northview High School and Lambert High School districts are the most popular. The housing available for these areas is in such high demand that the neighborhoods have recovered from the real estate market crash and the prices have appreciated faster than in surrounding areas.

How Popular ARE These School Districts?

Seven out of the last ten of my clients have mentioned one of these two schools in particular as their choice when seeking a house in a specific school district. Due to these schools' reputations, the homes in these school districts are more popular than others -- and are bringing higher prices and multiple offers. If…
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How to make the lowest offer to buy a house in Alpharetta Georgia    Yes, real estate prices have been going up -- 4-6% in the last year. The real estate market has gone from a buyer's market in 2009 - 2011 to a seller's market from 2013 until now. It's tough to get the house you want at a below market price, but it's not impossible to find a great home at a fair price.

Most local Alpharetta area house buyers have quite a few questions, including:

  • In this seller's market, how much lower than the list price will a buyer accept?
  • How do you, as a buyer, make the right first offer on a house for sale in north Fulton County and southern Forsyth County?

Even in a seller's market, it is possible to buy at less than asking price, and you can increase your chances by following the tips below. You will also

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Old Alphahomes site

Many thanks to the development team at Real Estate Webmasters, especially to Hannah Grant, Rebecca Czilok and to the project initiator Jeff Pady.

The original site was getting a bit tired looking. We retained all of the original content, added some new content and greatly enhanced the search features. The new site is now clean and power packed full of great content and features.

It is now as easy as can be to do searches for North Fulton Schools and Forsyth County Schools.  The district zone maps for North Fulton and Forsyth County are easy to find and up to date. 

You can do easy one click real estate searches for Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Cumming. If you want to do an advanced search that is available as well. Try the new map

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Saving money on your mortgageIf you are preparing to buy a home, take a few minutes to seriously consider the advantages of selecting a 15-year fixed rate mortgage, currently at 3.625% over a 30-year mortgage at a full point more: 4.625% Buying an Alpharetta Georgia home with a $300,000 mortgage means that you will be paying approximately $2,163 per month in principal and interest for your 15-year mortgage, as compared to  $1,542 per month for a 30-year loan. So, for a monthly increase of $621, you will save 15 years of indebtedness and $165,911 overall for the cost of interest on your house. For those who regret not taking advantage of a lower interest rate earlier this year, taking on a 15-year mortgage may help you to recover those potential savings. If you are interested in…
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A Buyer's Agent Can Help Home Buyers Leverage the Best Price for a HouseIn a sellers market, having a real estate agent capable of helping you leverage a lower offer will pay you BIG dividends. Here are a few ways a buyer's agent can help you get more house for less money -- even in a seller's market! A seller comes to the market confident in their pricing. Their agent's job is to help them find the right price and to help them sell their house. As a home buyer, your agent's job is to shake that confidence just a bit to make the playing field a little more advantageous to YOU. Your agent should also protect your interests and use the information they have to get you the best deal. Here's how:
  1. Take photos of flaws - If you take the photos and show them to the seller, chances are great they will be insulted and you will
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Real estate tools for buyers in a seller's market in Alpharetta GeorgiaThe tide has turned. The buyer's market in real estate has suddenly turned into a seller's market. With that change, the landscape has changed for both buyers and sellers. If you want to buy a new house in this market, you are going to need some tools to be successful. Jeff Aughey, Realtor for the North Fulton and Southern Forsyth Counties can help. Here are a few tools for buyers in today's market.

The Tools you Need to Buy in a Seller's Market

1. You need to have immediate email alerts when a new listing is entered in the market. Talk with your real estate agent to determine which system is best and then keep an eye on your email account. Please note, you will not get the level of immediacy you need from Trulia, Zillow and other national home search…
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Mortgage Interest Rates Climb for Georgia Home BuyersMortgage interest rates are climbing rapidly. The recent spike, in the last two months, has added a full point to the interest rates buyers will pay on a new house. Last month, I talked about the low interest rates (then 3.5%), available to Alpharetta home buyers, and suggested that anyone who wanted to buy should buy right away. Today, that rate is no longer available, but my advice is still the same, and this is why:

  • From an historical perspectives, don't worry about the fact that you didn't get your 30-year fixed at 3.5%.
  • Realize that today's rate of 4.5% is still a fantastic rate and waiting will only leave you with higher rate options. Looking forward, rather than looking back, indicates that now is the time to buy.
  • Although 3.93% was
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What to do when your appraisal comes in low

What is the Appraisal?

An appraisal an evaluation of the a property's financial value in the current market. It is required for all properties purchased by people who are using financing/loan services. Before 2008, the lender could select the appraiser which sometimes led to problems with objectivity. Today, the lender no longer has direct contact with the appraiser and the process is much more objective.

Why Your Appraisal Is Low?

During the current environment of rapid home appreciation -- due to low inventory and high demand -- the past sales used to figure home values aren't in great enough supply to support the constant, positive changes in the market in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Forsyth County areas. This may result in a lower appraisal…
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High-School-Performance-in-Fulton-County-GeorgiaRecently, the Georgia Department of Education released the scores for the first annual Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) and our local high schools rank higher than any others in the Fulton County System.

  1. Milton High School - 93.5 points
  2. Northview High School- 93.3 points
  3. Chattahoochee High School - 91.8 points
  4. Johns Creek High School - 90.9 points
  5. Alpharetta High School - 89 points
Historically, real estate has realized the greatest appreciation in areas with quality schools. The Alpharetta and Johns Creek areas continue to serve residents with superior schools and more prepared graduates. If you would like to buy a home served by these superior schools, call me.
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