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A recent surge in thefts from vehicles is making the crime blotter.
  • Theft by taking – Riverwalk Terrace – 30024 - The victims’ ladder and handgun was taken from his vehicle. There were no signs of forced entry.
  • Theft by taking – Galleon Drive – 30004 – The victims’ vehicle was taken. There were no signs of forced entry.
  • Theft by taking – East Meadows Court – 30005 – The victims’ I-pod was taken from her vehicle. There were no signs of forced entry.
  • Theft by taking – Summerlin Drive – 30005 – The victims’ DVD player was taken from his unlocked vehicle.
  • Theft by taking – Lake Medlock Court – 30022 – The victims’ camera and handbag was taken from his unlocked vehicle.
Additional activities included:
  • Burglary
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alpharetta real estateDo you have a home that has a mailbox with a brick or stucco surround that is over fifteen years old? If so, chances are good that you have the same problem that I recently addressed. The hinge on my mailbox door was rusted to the point that the door would frequently fall off and end up in the street. I am pretty handy at fixing things but this problem stumped me. It looked like it would be next to impossible to remove the old metal mailbox and then try to squeeze a new one in its place. I had a big problem but as luck would have it I received a flyer that offered salvation.

Paul Belford owns a business called Mailboxes PDQ that exclusively serves the Atlanta metro area. I called Paul one evening and he scheduled an installation time for nine in the

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Bergen's Azalea photoA client asked me this common question recently and I gave her my standard answer. Later that night when I was home pondering the day I asked myself the question again and why I believed that my answer was correct. Well, I bet most of you know the answer I gave my client. Spring of course. It was an answer based on a feeling I developed over my 18 years of selling real estate. We have all heard spring is the best time to sell a home but is that really correct? Is it backed up by facts or only a feeling we get because our homes look prettier in the spring? Drawing back to my engineering days I pulled up my data from the past few years and spent a couple of hours with my calculator crunching some numbers. Here is what I found. From the data I analyzed the…
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Tips on staging your home for sale from staging expert Kathy Nielsen. Enroll your children in summer camp. Improve the performance of your automobile. Learn how to identify termites and what to do about them. Keep up-to-date on local events and read Jeff's announcement on his latest project. Read the March 2007 Newsletter
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January Sales Report What a way to start the year! My recent optimism has proven to be well founded. Sales were up strongly in most price ranges. The only slow spot in the market compared to December 2006 was the price range from $600,000 to $800,000, where sales were off 71.4%. Now it is time for the good news and there is lots of it. Home sales for those listed under $275,000 went up 28.7% over December. The mid price range from $275,000 up to $600,000 saw sales shoot up 55.9%. Our happiest Alpharetta home sellers were those with homes listed over $800,000, as sales soared 200% over last month. Sales were strong compared to December 2006 and now we will take a quick look to see how sales compared to January 2006.St Ives Country Club Sales were up 1.9% in January 2007 for…
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Lower your property taxes with a Fulton County Homestead Exemption. Discover the charm of a nearby coffeehouse and cafe. Organize your home to organize your life for the new year and learn the market trend forecast for 2007 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Read the January 2007 Newsletter
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I can feel the turn around for this market in the air. The last two weeks have been surprisingly active. I am hopeful that we will see sales levels start to climb back to where they were earlier this year. Why am I optimistic? Our local economy is good, people continue to move here, interest rates are low and we do not suffer from inflated housing prices as do some parts of the country. I think we our market slowed down due to the barrage of negative media attention which focused on the national housing market and not due to local fundamentals. I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling good about our market. All the best, Jeff
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Read about the new cities of Johns Creek and Milton, review the area varsity basketball schedules, discover effective ways to relieve holiday stress and stage your Alpharetta home for quick sale -- even in a tough housing market! Read the December 2006 Newsletter
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Ok, it is time for me to admit that my neutral to upbeat feelings from last month’s report have to be adjusted. I hoped that our market would continue to buck the national trends and avoid a big drop in sales. Well the numbers for October were not very good and it looks like I will have to join the hurricane forecasters and adjust my thinking. Total sales for October were down 37.9% from October of 2005. This month there were no price ranges that were spared. The lower range (under $275,000) fell a whopping 46.7% as compared to October of 2005. The mid range ($275,000-$600,000) was down 32.4%, while the upper range (over $600,000) fell by 36.1%. Overall October sales and inventory figures showed that Alpharetta, Georgia had a 7.68 month supply of homes…
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National Trends: The National Association of Realtors report on existing home sales for August 2006 showed that that the median home price was $225,000, which is down 1.7% from a year earlier. This was the first year over year drop in ten years. To give some perspective, consider that in 2004 the median price was up 9.3% and in 2005 it went up 12.4%. Slowing sales has lead to an increase in the supply of homes. The August report showed 3.9 million homes on the market which represents a 38% increase from a year earlier. At the current sales pace this represents a 7.5 month supply of homes, up from a 4.7 month supply in August of 2005. Alpharetta Trends: Locally, total sales for August 2006 were down 18.8% compared to August 2005. The lower range (under…
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