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[caption id="attachment_1182" align="aligncenter" width="432"]Current House For Sale in Alpharetta $289,900.00 -- 10885 Windham Way, Alpharetta, GA 30022 -- 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, in-ground swimming pool, finished basement[/caption]

Why Your Money Buys More House Now

When the fed quits buying up mortgaged securities and essentially subsidizing homeownership, the party is over. Right now IS the time to buy. With rates well under 4%, anyone who wants a house, and can get approved, should buy. If the strong rally in the stock market continues, you can expect the current, historically low interest rates will to begin to climb. So, if you are trying to decide if now is the buy or sell a home, decide quickly. If you are selling, your potential buyers will thin out as the rates climb and if you…
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Wyndham Park Subdivision in South Forsyth County, Georgia The market is moving really fast in and around Forsyth County Georgia! While out reviewing the available inventory for some clients I have currently searching for a new home, I went into Wyndham Park subdivision and I noticed something interesting. Not only were all the houses that were for sale, sold -- but the undeveloped lots are also sold. As of today, there are no undeveloped lots for sale. Not one. The Wyndham Park developer reports that they sold 36 home sites in the neighborhood in the last six months. James Creek Subdivision in North Fulton County, GA Across the street, in the James Creek Subdivision in North Fulton County, a new subdivision by the same builder (D. R. Horton), has 33 lots and they have done pre-sales. There isn't a single house built to date and they have already sold 26 of…
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Teacher-and-Student   While some Georgia schools are struggling academically, North Fulton Schools are flourishing, which makes our area extremely attractive to young families and those planning to have children. Would you like to know which schools are serving which sections of North Fulton County, GA? Visit our recently updated North Fulton County School District Maps to determine which zones are served by each school. Want to know which elementary schools and middle schools "feed" the high schools? We can help you with our feeder school information on our Alpharetta and Johns Creek Schools Information Page.  The information on our public schools test scores page has also been updated. If you need more information about the area schools from someone who has lived in…
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Housing Sales Soar in Alpharetta Georgia Local sales soar as sellers flex a little muscle and buyers are willing to navigate multiple offers and consider houses that were bypassed for several years. Spring 2013 is shaping up to be a complete change from the sluggish sales experienced since the housing bubble burst in 2008. Low inventories of houses available for sale has pumped up the market demand, while low interest rates have attracted buyers. Here's what's happening locally: Although brick siding is the preferred exterior for most houses in this area, the least desired siding (stucco) is seeing a bump, according to a local home inspection company. Medallion Inspections has seen a dramatic increase in the number of stucco sided homes they have been asked to inspect for home sales over the…
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Seller's Housing Market in Alpharetta GeorgiaHomeowners, let me ask you a few questions...
  • Over the past few years have you wished you could take advantage of the low interest rates to make a move to a larger home for an ever growing family?
  • Have you wanted to downsize since the kids have been gone for a few years but you have not been able to sell since you have been upside down with your mortgage?
  • Have you been afraid to put your house up for sale because you have heard it's a buyer's market and houses just "sit" there?
It was challenging to try to sell a home from 2008 to 2011.  The market for the seller has dramatically improved. It improved quite a bit in 2012, but it is red hot right now! I started as a Realtor in the Atlanta real estate market back in 1988 and I can tell you this…
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Multiple offers

From 2008-2011, Alpharetta and Johns Creek Georgia experienced an upsurge in power for real estate buyers. Sellers found themselves with little power to negotiate and foreclosures were not uncommon. About a year ago, in March of 2012, that market environment slowly started to change. It began in the lower price ranges and was most notable in the foreclosure market. Real estate investors started making multiple offers on properties priced at or below value to take advantage of the housing slump and the excellent interest rates.

Now, a year later, the occurrence of multiple offers on houses has blanketed the area. If you were waiting to sell, concerned about the equity situation on your home, or if you were discouraged with the reduced number of buyers…
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I am frequently asked, "When is our Alpharetta and Johns Creek real estate market going to get better?"  There is no concrete answer, but one trend we need to see is an increase in home prices so that the number of underwater mortgages is reduced. Why is this so critical?  Many current homeowners would love to take advantage of the great home values available today and move up to a more expensive home while interest rates are still low. But, with the value of their own home down, they can't make that move. The current high level of underwater mortgages is a key factor that keeps the Atlanta real estate market mired in sluggishness. (An "underwater mortgage" means that the amount of the outstanding loan is greater than the value of the…
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St Ives HomeSo you think you have it tough? There are currently 192 homes listed for sale in North Fulton County that are east of GA 400. Only one of them has gone under contract since December 16, 2008 according to the first Multiple Listing Service. That is not a slow market, that is a non-existent market.  At that pace it would take over 30 years to sell all of these homes. For comparisons sake, at this point in 2006 there had been 21 sales for homes listed above $800,000, 18 sales in 2007 and 14 last year as of this date in February.   So what is going on here? There have been big changes in the mortgage market that provides the jumbo loans usually necessary to finance these fine homes. Many lenders left this market and the ones that continue to serve this…
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housing stimulus The so called "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (don't you just love the names they come up with for legislation?) also known as the Economic Stimulus Bill passed both the House and Senate yesterday and now awaits Presidents Obama's signature.  He undoubtedly will sign it next week. The housing stimulus proposal that Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson put forth was included in the final bill but altered substantially from his vision and recommendations.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the housing stimulus in the final legislation is summarized as follows:
  • $8000 tax credit -  to reduce the home buyer's income tax obligation - any unused portion will be refunded in the form of a check
  • Available to a first time home buyer
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