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Kimbell Bridge and Buice Roads DedicationFollowing the critical injury of Chris Land, in October 2005 while riding his motorcycle at the intersection of Kimball Bridge and Buice Roads, the local community joined forces to make this intersection safer. On February 23 the efforts of the community were rewarded when the Fulton County Government, in conjunction with the Cities of Alpharetta and Johns Creek, held a dedication to commemorate the improved intersection. The intersection has now been widened, sidewalks have been added and a stoplight has been installed to improve safety. Chris Land and his family were in attendance along with friends, extended family and neighbors. Also in attendance were speakers:
  • Mayor of Alpharetta, Arthur Letchas
  • Mayor of Johns Creek, Mike Botker
  • Fulton
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Congratulations to the Chattahoochee Boys Basketball team!Fulton County High School Basketball Photo The varsity Chattahoochee boys basketball team won second place in the regional tournament this past weekend. They beat the powerhouse Wheeler high team in the semi-finals (game photos) and then suffered a heartbreaking loss in overtime to the Centennial High Knights in the championship game. Come and support the team as they enter the state playoffs with a home game at Chattahoochee this Saturday February 24th at 7:30pm. Check back here Monday for (game photos) photos of the game. All the best, Jeff
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Ok, I am sure most of you sit around asking the burning question “what does Jeff get excited about?” I will answer thatCanom 1D Mark3 question for you now to put your minds at ease. Today Canon announced a new camera that I want badly. In fact I have already pre-ordered it and look forward to its arrival sometime in late April to early May. Here is some info on the new Canon 1D Mark 3 for those of you that also enjoy photography. Basically it is a 10 Mega Pixel, 10 frames per second beast that will be incredible for low light situations such as night football games, indoor basketball and theater events. It has a host of other improvements over the models that I currently use ( Canon1D and 1D Mark 2) that will make it more enjoyable and effective to use. I really…
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January Sales Report What a way to start the year! My recent optimism has proven to be well founded. Sales were up strongly in most price ranges. The only slow spot in the market compared to December 2006 was the price range from $600,000 to $800,000, where sales were off 71.4%. Now it is time for the good news and there is lots of it. Home sales for those listed under $275,000 went up 28.7% over December. The mid price range from $275,000 up to $600,000 saw sales shoot up 55.9%. Our happiest Alpharetta home sellers were those with homes listed over $800,000, as sales soared 200% over last month. Sales were strong compared to December 2006 and now we will take a quick look to see how sales compared to January 2006.St Ives Country Club Sales were up 1.9% in January 2007 for…
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It is time for a quick road project update. The new intersection improvements at Jones Bridge Road/Abbotts Bridge Road and at Jones Bridge Road/State Bridge Road are really working well so far. Both intersections feel much safer with the increased visibility and the changes appear to have helped traffic flow considerably. There are a few clean up items that they are still working on but the job is 98% complete. In the near future they will be resetting the timing of the light to optimize the traffic flow. I want to thank Dick Freeman who is Chair of the Pinewalk Zoning/Safety Committee & Member of the Kimball Bridge Coalition for the next bit of information. Two lights are being installed now at the Buice Road/Kimball Bridge Road intersection. They will…
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Lower your property taxes with a Fulton County Homestead Exemption. Discover the charm of a nearby coffeehouse and cafe. Organize your home to organize your life for the new year and learn the market trend forecast for 2007 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Read the January 2007 Newsletter
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I can feel the turn around for this market in the air. The last two weeks have been surprisingly active. I am hopeful that we will see sales levels start to climb back to where they were earlier this year. Why am I optimistic? Our local economy is good, people continue to move here, interest rates are low and we do not suffer from inflated housing prices as do some parts of the country. I think we our market slowed down due to the barrage of negative media attention which focused on the national housing market and not due to local fundamentals. I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling good about our market. All the best, Jeff
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Read about the new cities of Johns Creek and Milton, review the area varsity basketball schedules, discover effective ways to relieve holiday stress and stage your Alpharetta home for quick sale -- even in a tough housing market! Read the December 2006 Newsletter
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Ok, it is time for me to admit that my neutral to upbeat feelings from last month’s report have to be adjusted. I hoped that our market would continue to buck the national trends and avoid a big drop in sales. Well the numbers for October were not very good and it looks like I will have to join the hurricane forecasters and adjust my thinking. Total sales for October were down 37.9% from October of 2005. This month there were no price ranges that were spared. The lower range (under $275,000) fell a whopping 46.7% as compared to October of 2005. The mid range ($275,000-$600,000) was down 32.4%, while the upper range (over $600,000) fell by 36.1%. Overall October sales and inventory figures showed that Alpharetta, Georgia had a 7.68 month supply of homes…
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