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There are many choices for home buyers right now. The market isn't as easy for sellers as it was at this time last year. An agent should provide homeowners with all the best skills to present, showcase and sell their home. There is no crime in not possessing all the skills. However, if the agent doesn't have them, they should find someone to provide what you need. For instance, using a website to promote your property is essential. Over 80% of potential buyers use the Internet during their search process. If your agent isn't putting your home on the web immediately, you are losing potential buyers. You need to consider how your home is represented online. If your agent isn't a skilled photographer, they should hire a qualified photographer to represent…
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Get an educator's view on the local school system. Learn about helping your children "suit up" for their favorite team sport. Read a quick article on "Home Buying 101" and learn where to go to find out more about your Alpharetta and Fulton County ancestors in this month's issue! Read the June 2007 Newsletter
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New homes sales were up nationally in April by 16.2% over March 2007. The south was the strongest region in the country, with sales up a whopping 27.8% over the previous month. This sound good at first read but is it? I reviewed the sales figures for April resale homes in our area and they showed basically no improvement over March. The market is staying pretty much the same, not bad but not rip roaring either. So what is going on with new home sales? The first thing that popped into my mind was the automobile industry after the attack on September 11, 2001. Do you remember all of the zero percent financing and huge incentives available that were offered to create sales at any cost? Well it did create sales in the short term for the car companies but at…
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The Alpharetta and Johns Creek real estate markets continued to show weakness in April (as compared to last year at the time). April 2006 sales totaled 240 homes sold from the 848 homes in inventory across all price ranges. This year showed a substantial (but not devastating) drop in sales, and an increase in inventory with 207 homes sold in April 2007 out of 1079 total homes for sale (across all price ranges). This represents a 13.75% drop in sales and a 27.24% increase in the total number of homes for sale between April 2006 and April 2007. These figures equate to a 5.21 month supply of homes at April's absorption rate which is up a whopping 47.59% from April 2006's 3.53 month supply. What does this mean to buyers and sellers in Alpharetta and Johns…
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Be sure to pay attention to the contents of your mailbox. Consider a locked mailbox option and always remove your mail promptly!
  • Theft by taking – Oxford Mill Cir. – 30022 – The victims’ bank checks were stolen from her mailbox. She did not realize they were stolen until she checked her account via internet and realized there were unknown charges.
Other crime beat updates include:
  • Public indecency – Ashwind Trace/Windbrooke Way – 30005 - The victims stated while she was walking near the pool area, a white male was exposing himself. The victim was able to retrieve the vehicles’ tag number and description. This information has been turned over to the police officers and detectives and is currently under investigation.
  • Theft by taking
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It's summer so I wanted to remind you to keep unoccupied vehicles locked to avoid joining the ranks of victims that have recently had possessions stolen.
  • Theft by taking – Old Woodland Entry – 30022 - The victims’ work items were stolen from her vehicle. All items were in plain view and there were no signs of forced entry.
  • Theft by taking – Cavendish Pl – 30024 – The victims’ Dell laptop, Brookstone air purifier, and a Motorola wireless headset were stolen from his unlocked vehicle that was parked in his driveway. There were no signs of forced entry.
  • Theft by taking – Merriweather Woods Dr. – 30022 – The victims’ Blackberry was taken from her unlocked vehicle that was parked in her driveway. There were no signs of forced entry.
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    Alpharetta Arts Streetfest Exhibit by Howard Williams
    I attended the Alpharetta Arts Streetfest this year (April 21-22, 2007) and I must admit that the local photographers -- and those from across the US -- were a personal highlight of the event. As a photobug myself, I really enjoyed seeing the work of others showcased. My favorite photographer at the event was a local artist, Howard Williams. (Howard Williams Photography in Alpharetta Georgia) One of my favorites in his display used a black an white approach and added a colorized portion (a barn). It was a huge print with great impact. My second favorite display -- a close second -- was the work of local artist Robert Jones (Robert Jones Photography in Alpharetta Georgia). Jones specialized in black and white photography and had several examples…
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    A recent surge in thefts from vehicles is making the crime blotter.
    • Theft by taking – Riverwalk Terrace – 30024 - The victims’ ladder and handgun was taken from his vehicle. There were no signs of forced entry.
    • Theft by taking – Galleon Drive – 30004 – The victims’ vehicle was taken. There were no signs of forced entry.
    • Theft by taking – East Meadows Court – 30005 – The victims’ I-pod was taken from her vehicle. There were no signs of forced entry.
    • Theft by taking – Summerlin Drive – 30005 – The victims’ DVD player was taken from his unlocked vehicle.
    • Theft by taking – Lake Medlock Court – 30022 – The victims’ camera and handbag was taken from his unlocked vehicle.
    Additional activities included:
    • Burglary
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    alpharetta real estateDo you have a home that has a mailbox with a brick or stucco surround that is over fifteen years old? If so, chances are good that you have the same problem that I recently addressed. The hinge on my mailbox door was rusted to the point that the door would frequently fall off and end up in the street. I am pretty handy at fixing things but this problem stumped me. It looked like it would be next to impossible to remove the old metal mailbox and then try to squeeze a new one in its place. I had a big problem but as luck would have it I received a flyer that offered salvation.

    Paul Belford owns a business called Mailboxes PDQ that exclusively serves the Atlanta metro area. I called Paul one evening and he scheduled an installation time for nine in the

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    Bergen's Azalea photoA client asked me this common question recently and I gave her my standard answer. Later that night when I was home pondering the day I asked myself the question again and why I believed that my answer was correct. Well, I bet most of you know the answer I gave my client. Spring of course. It was an answer based on a feeling I developed over my 18 years of selling real estate. We have all heard spring is the best time to sell a home but is that really correct? Is it backed up by facts or only a feeling we get because our homes look prettier in the spring? Drawing back to my engineering days I pulled up my data from the past few years and spent a couple of hours with my calculator crunching some numbers. Here is what I found. From the data I analyzed the…
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