July 2017

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South Forsyth County School District MapBased on requests by real estate buying clients seeking top schools in the North Fulton and South Forsyth areas, homes in the Northview High School and Lambert High School districts are the most popular. The housing available for these areas is in such high demand that the neighborhoods have recovered from the real estate market crash and the prices have appreciated faster than in surrounding areas.

How Popular ARE These School Districts?

Seven out of the last ten of my clients have mentioned one of these two schools in particular as their choice when seeking a house in a specific school district. Due to these schools' reputations, the homes in these school districts are more popular than others -- and are bringing higher prices and multiple offers. If…
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How to make the lowest offer to buy a house in Alpharetta Georgia    Yes, real estate prices have been going up -- 4-6% in the last year. The real estate market has gone from a buyer's market in 2009 - 2011 to a seller's market from 2013 until now. It's tough to get the house you want at a below market price, but it's not impossible to find a great home at a fair price.

Most local Alpharetta area house buyers have quite a few questions, including:

  • In this seller's market, how much lower than the list price will a buyer accept?
  • How do you, as a buyer, make the right first offer on a house for sale in north Fulton County and southern Forsyth County?

Even in a seller's market, it is possible to buy at less than asking price, and you can increase your chances by following the tips below. You will also

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