July 2013

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A Buyer's Agent Can Help Home Buyers Leverage the Best Price for a HouseIn a sellers market, having a real estate agent capable of helping you leverage a lower offer will pay you BIG dividends. Here are a few ways a buyer's agent can help you get more house for less money -- even in a seller's market! A seller comes to the market confident in their pricing. Their agent's job is to help them find the right price and to help them sell their house. As a home buyer, your agent's job is to shake that confidence just a bit to make the playing field a little more advantageous to YOU. Your agent should also protect your interests and use the information they have to get you the best deal. Here's how:
  1. Take photos of flaws - If you take the photos and show them to the seller, chances are great they will be insulted and you will
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Real estate tools for buyers in a seller's market in Alpharetta GeorgiaThe tide has turned. The buyer's market in real estate has suddenly turned into a seller's market. With that change, the landscape has changed for both buyers and sellers. If you want to buy a new house in this market, you are going to need some tools to be successful. Jeff Aughey, Realtor for the North Fulton and Southern Forsyth Counties can help. Here are a few tools for buyers in today's market.

The Tools you Need to Buy in a Seller's Market

1. You need to have immediate email alerts when a new listing is entered in the market.┬áTalk with your real estate agent to determine which system is best and then keep an eye on your email account. Please note, you will not get the level of immediacy you need from Trulia, Zillow and other national home search…
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