January 2009

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good-news1Many of the people I see ask me how the Alpharetta and Johns Creek real estate market is performing as the new year gets underway.  So, do you want the good news or bad news first? I'd rather give you the bad news first, so we can end on a positive note. The Bad News
  • January 2009 sales are down 50% compared to sales at this point in January 2008
  • Homes prices are softer than this time last year (good news if you are a buyer)
  • Financial markets are still uncertain which works against large decisions such as home purchases
The Good News
  • Interest rates are fantastic!  (it is time to refinance or make a new purchase to take advantage of this temporary situation)
  • We are closer to a turn-around than we were a year ago
  • Prices for home
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