Jeff Aughey, REALTOR®

As a full-time REALTOR® since 1988, Jeff has been helping every type of buyer and seller for over two decades, and has been doing so with the help of RE/MAX since 1989. Immediately after college Jeff jumped in to real estate, and it was his education in electrical engineering that garnered an interest in the logical and information-based approach to business—principles that he continues to apply to his real estate business today.

Alpharetta’s strong sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere was what first drew him and his family to the area in 1994, and he’s now proud to call it home. His passion is creating the best possible Alpharetta real estate experience for his clients, beginning with top tier service based on logic and facts.

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Buying & Selling Alpharetta & Johns Creek Homes

Jeff strongly believes in client education, and has developed his own e-guides to walk you through the buying and selling process. He can advise you on marketing your listing, visiting prospective buys, and choosing a mortgage, to name a few. His experience comes in handy particularly when inspecting the condition of a Johns Creek home for sale or an Alpharetta real estate listing. Jeff prefers that his clients see any and all issues with a home up front, so they aren’t surprised during the home inspection, which also saves time and money.

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Not only is photography a hobby for Jeff, but it's a key strategy that he brings to the table. With an eye for a great picture, Jeff creates unique listing photos to make your home stand out on the Alpharetta real estate market. Marketing your home has never been easier.

Homes Near Fulton & Forsyth County Schools

If you are seeking a nurturing environment to raise your children, with the excellence of Fulton & Forsyth County Schools and the convenience of having Atlanta nearby, Jeff recommends Alpharetta and Johns Creek, Georgia as the best places to call home. Two of his children have graduated from the public schools in the area, and two more are attending schools in Fulton County now. Jeff has firsthand experience with the school systems, knows what to expect, and can help you find a home near top Fulton County schools in Alpharetta and Johns Creek.

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